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The first change in 12 years was made to the international SAE J300 engine oil viscosity classification system in April 2013.

SAE J300 new version 2015:

There are a considerable number of motor vehicles in Japan which effectively already use low-viscous oil with viscosity less than 0W-20.

The purpose of the updated standard is to assist motor-vehicle OEM in striving to increase fuel efficiency. Reducing fuel consumption is currently one of the key goals for OEM. Use of an updated standard will help improve fuel consumption in motor vehicles.

The proportion of oils up to 2020 which are earmarked for ecological engines in Germany, Japan, USA and other developed countries is 30%. The proportion of sales in developing countries will be considerably lower — approx. 5%.

AVOL s_ECOGRÜN 0W-16 — the engine oil with the specification API SN and viscosity SAE 0W-16.